1st Generation Kanto Pokémon

kicklee,kicklee,サワムラー,시라소몬,飛腿郎 / 飞腿郎
This amazing Pokémon has an awesome sense of balance. It can kick in succession from any position.
generation kanto [1]
Type fighting
height 4. 11"
weight 109.8 lbs
category Kicking
abilities Limber
weaknesses psychic, flying, fairy
doduo,dodu,ドードー,두두,嘟嘟 / 嘟嘟
Its short wings make flying difficult. Instead, this Pokémon runs at high speed on developed legs.
generation kanto [1]
Type normal flying
height 4. 07"
weight 86.4 lbs
category Twin Bird
abilities Run Away
weaknesses electric, ice, rock
arcanin,arkani,ウインディ,윈디,風速狗 / 风速狗
An ancient picture scroll shows that people were captivated by its movement as it ran through prairies.
generation kanto [1]
Type fire
height 6. 03"
weight 341.7 lbs
category Legendary
abilities Intimidate
weaknesses water, ground, rock
amonistar,amoroso,オムスター,암스타,多刺菊石獸 / 多刺菊石兽
Weighed down by a large and heavy shell, Omastar couldn’t move very fast. Some say it went extinct because it was unable to catch food.
generation kanto [1]
Type rock water
height 3. 03"
weight 77.2 lbs
category Spiral
abilities Shell Armor
weaknesses grass , electric, fighting, ground
coconfort,kokuna,コクーン,딱충이,鐵殼蛹 / 铁壳蛹
Able to move only slightly. When endangered, it may stick out its stinger and poison its enemy.
generation kanto [1]
Type bug poison
height 2. 00"
weight 22.0 lbs
category Cocoon
abilities Shed Skin
weaknesses fire, psychic, flying, rock
reptincel,glutexo,リザード,리자드,火恐龍 / 火恐龙
It has a barbaric nature. In battle, it whips its fiery tail around and slashes away with sharp claws.
generation kanto [1]
Type fire
height 3. 07"
weight 41.9 lbs
category Flame
abilities Blaze
weaknesses water, ground, rock
mewtwo,mewtu,ミュウツー,뮤츠,超夢 / 超梦
Its DNA is almost the same as Mew’s. However, its size and disposition are vastly different.
generation kanto [1]
Type psychic
height 6. 07"
weight 269.0 lbs
category Genetic
abilities Pressure
weaknesses ghost, dark, bug
évoli,evoli,イーブイ,이브이,伊布 / 伊布
Its ability to evolve into many forms allows it to adapt smoothly and perfectly to any environment.
generation kanto [1]
Type normal
height 1. 00"
weight 14.3 lbs
category Evolution
abilities Run Away
weaknesses fighting
carapuce,schiggy,ゼニガメ,꼬부기,傑尼龜 / 杰尼龟
When it retracts its long neck into its shell, it squirts out water with vigorous force.
generation kanto [1]
Type water
height 1. 08"
weight 19.8 lbs
category Tiny Turtle
abilities Torrent
weaknesses grass, electric
miaouss,mauzi,ニャース,나옹,喵喵 / 喵喵
All it does is sleep during the daytime. At night, it patrols its territory with its eyes aglow.
generation kanto [1]
Type normal
height 1. 04"
weight 9.3 lbs
category Scratch Cat
abilities Pickup
weaknesses fighting

The Kanto region is the birthplace of all Gen 1 Pokémon, marking the first stop in the Pokémon universe for fans through games like Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Notable Pokémon from this region include Eevee, Mewtwo, Ditto, Mew, and the unforgettable Pikachu.