Not fully evolved

gambex,lextremo,エクスレッグ,엑스레그,烈腿蝗 / 烈腿蝗
It has its third set of legs folded up. When it’s in a tough spot, this Pokémon jumps over 30 feet using the strength of its legs.
generation paldea [7]
Type bug dark
height 0. 08"
weight 2.2 lbs
category Grasshopper
abilities Swarm
weaknesses fire, flying, rock
chochodile,krokel,ホゲータ,뜨아거,呆火鱷 / 呆火鳄
It lies on warm rocks and uses the heat absorbed by its square-shaped scales to create fire energy.
generation paldea [7]
Type fire
height 1. 04"
weight 21.6 lbs
category Fire Croc
abilities Blaze
weaknesses water, ground, rock
zapétrel,voltrel,カイデン?,찌리비,電海燕 / 电海燕
Tadbulb shakes its tail to generate electricity. If it senses danger, it will make its head blink on and off to alert its allies.
generation paldea [7]
Type electric flying
height 1. 00"
weight 0.9 lbs
category EleTadpole
abilities Static
weaknesses ground
floréclat,lumiflora,キラフロル?,킬라플로르,晶光花 / 晶光花
This Pokémon is smooth and moist to the touch. Yeast in Fidough’s breath induces fermentation in the Pokémon’s vicinity.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock poison
height 1. 00"
weight 24.0 lbs
category Puppy
abilities Own Tempo
weaknesses steel, poison
olivado,olivinio,オリーニョ?,올리뇨,奧利紐 / 奥利纽
This Pokémon can pick up the scent of a Veluza just over 65 feet away and will hide itself in the sand.
generation paldea [7]
Type grass normal
height 3. 11"
weight 4.0 lbs
category Garden Eel
abilities Gooey
weaknesses grass, electric
charbambin,knarbon,カルボウ,카르본?,炭小侍 / 炭小侍
It protects itself from enemies by emitting oil from the fruit on its head. This oil is bitter and astringent enough to make someone flinch.
generation paldea [7]
Type fire
height 1. 00"
weight 14.3 lbs
category Olive
abilities Early Bird
weaknesses ice, fire, flying, poison, fighting, bug
superdofin,delfinator,イルカマン,돌핀맨,海豚俠 / 海豚侠
This Pokémon dry cures its prey by spraying salt over them. The curing process steals away the water in the prey’s body.
generation paldea [7]
Type water
height 2. 00"
weight 231.5 lbs
category Rock Salt
abilities Sturdy
weaknesses water, steel, grass, fighting, ground
ferdeter,schlurm,ミミズズ?,꿈트렁,拖拖蚓 / 拖拖蚓
Though usually a mellow Pokémon, it will sink its sharp, poison-soaked front teeth into any that anger it, causing paralysis in the object of its ire.
generation paldea [7]
Type steel
height 0. 08"
weight 1.5 lbs
category Toxic Mouse
abilities Unburden
weaknesses psychic, ground
compagnol,zwieps,ワッカネズミ,두리쥐,一對鼠 / 一对鼠
It is said that a dog Pokémon that died in the wild without ever interacting with a human was reborn as this Pokémon.
generation paldea [7]
Type normal
height 2. 00"
weight 77.2 lbs
category Ghost Dog
abilities Pickup
weaknesses ghost, dark
grondogue,mobtiff,オラチフ?,오라티프,偶叫獒 / 偶叫獒
It is said that this Pokémon was born when an unknown poison Pokémon entered and inspirited an engine left at a scrap-processing factory.
generation paldea [7]
Type dark
height 3. 03"
weight 77.2 lbs
category Single-Cyl
abilities Overcoat
weaknesses fire, ground