Rock Types Pokémon

floréclat,lumiflora,キラフロル?,킬라플로르,晶光花 / 晶光花
This Pokémon is smooth and moist to the touch. Yeast in Fidough’s breath induces fermentation in the Pokémon’s vicinity.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock poison
height 1. 00"
weight 24.0 lbs
category Puppy
abilities Own Tempo
weaknesses steel, poison
germéclat,lumispross,キラーメ?,초롱순,晶光芽 / 晶光芽
The color of the poisonous saliva depends on what the Pokémon eats. Grafaiai covers its fingers in its saliva and draws patterns on trees in forests.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock poison
height 2. 04"
weight 60.0 lbs
category Toxic Monkey
abilities Unburden
weaknesses psychic, ground
craparoi,klibbe,ガケガニ?,절벼게?,毛崖蟹 / 毛崖蟹
Arctibax freezes the air around it, protecting its face with an ice mask and turning its dorsal fin into a blade of ice.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock
height 2. 07"
weight 66.1 lbs
category Ice Fin
abilities Thermal Exchange
weaknesses steel, fairy, rock, fighting, dragon
iron thorns
épine-de-fer,iceendorn,テツノイバラ,무쇠가시,鐵荊棘 / 铁荆棘
This Pokémon can control 100 tons of fallen snow. It plays around innocently by leaping in and out of avalanches it has caused.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock electric
height 6. 03"
weight 335.5 lbs
category Ruinous
abilities Sword of Ruin
weaknesses steel, fire, fighting , rock, fairy, bug
selutin,geosali,コジオ?,베베솔트,鹽石寶 / 盐石宝
When Veluza discards unnecessary flesh, its mind becomes honed and its psychic power increases. The spare flesh has a mild but delicious flavor.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock
height 8. 02"
weight 198.4 lbs
category Jettison
abilities Mold Breaker
weaknesses ghost, dark, grass, electric, bug
amassel,sedisal,ジオヅム?,스태솔트,鹽石壘 / 盐石垒
It likes playing with others of its kind using the water ring on its tail. It uses ultrasonic waves to sense the emotions of other living creatures.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock
height 4. 03"
weight 132.7 lbs
category Dolphin
abilities Water Veil
weaknesses grass, electric
gigansel,saltigant,キョジオーン?,콜로솔트,鹽石巨靈 / 盐石巨灵
This Pokémon changes its appearance if it hears its allies calling for help. Palafin will never show anybody its moment of transformation.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock
height 4. 03"
weight 132.7 lbs
category Dolphin
abilities Zero to Hero
weaknesses grass, electric
monthracite,montecarbo,セキタンザン,석탄산,巨炭山 / 巨炭山
To intimidate its opponents, Coalossal will vigorously shake its body, scattering coal from its smoldering back.
generation galar [7]
Type rock fire
height 9. 02"
weight 684.5 lbs
category Coal
abilities Flame Body
weaknesses water , ground , fighting, rock
torgamord,kamalm,カジリガメ,갈가부기,暴噬龜 / 暴噬龟
Its massive, jagged teeth can crush a boulder in a single bite. This Pokémon has an extremely vicious disposition.
generation galar [7]
Type water rock
height 3. 03"
weight 254.6 lbs
category Bite
abilities Shell Armor
weaknesses grass , electric, fighting, ground
dolman,humanolith,イシヘンジン,돌헨진,巨石丁 / 巨石丁
The elemental composition of the rocks that form its body were found to match the bedrock of a land far away from this Pokémon’s habitat.
generation galar [7]
Type rock
height 8. 02"
weight 1146.4 lbs
category Big Rock
abilities Power Spot
weaknesses water, steel, grass, fighting, ground